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We believe that luxury, like a lot else in real estate, could do with some redefining and thoughtful innovations that bring in Next best practices. Casan covers new ground: created for the top 10 percent of the market as defined by that market. We recognize that luxury properties live everywhere, not exclusively in big cities or coastal retreats. The Casan Collection is an unparalleled visual identity, advertising, and marketing suite designed to attract a refined set of clientele. Our luxury. certified professionals deliver a distinct and exquisite experience for all parties in the transaction.


Casan is the new benchmark for luxury real estate.


NextHome members are innovators, passionate about redefining the real estate experience in ways that prioritize the value of the human relationship. We understand that people looking to buy or sell their home are looking to do so with the greatest ease, placing their trust in us to expertly guide them through the process. Luxury clients share these same qualities, plus an innate desire for something exclusive, someone who recognizes their unique wants and needs. The Casan Collection was specially designed to meet the standards of the top 10% of the market and set a new benchmark in luxury real estate.


Listing Qualifications

Price Point

In addition to the agent qualifying by becoming Casan Certified, the listing must also meet certain requirements. Through our partnership with the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, we follow their up-to-date information on luxury thresholds across the country and confirm that your listing satisfies the top 10% of market price point criteria before submitting your listing for Casan approval.


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Yard Signs – Collaborating with the world’s premier design firm, Pentagram, we performed significant consumer and competitor research when creating our unique Casan signage. The elegant shape, derived from the Casan mark, confidently holds its ground against other signs in the neighborhood. The minimalist approach calls for use of a listing post only, no frames, a single panel, and a single rider displaying agent information.




Staging – A well-staged home can reach the perfect balance of looking at its best while at the same time looking neutral so the buyer can easily visualize themselves living there instead of the current owner. Add to this that non-staged homes on average stay on the market 30 times longer than professionally staged homes and it’s clear to see why Casan requires staging on vacant homes. The property must be staged until it goes pending or for a period of 60 days, whichever occurs first. Any room or area that will be photographed for use in marketing or advertising must be staged. We work with local stagers to provide you with the most quality service in the area.



Photography – Visual content is easier to digest, allowing the home to resonate with potential buyers in a deeper, more meaningful way. Investing in professional photography to tell the story of the home is more than a requirement for Casan listings, it’s a key ingredient to our print materials, Studeo storybooks, and other automated marketing strategies coming together at their best. We provide this service in house at no additional cost.

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Full Motion/Drone Video Tours – Showcasing your Casan listing should not be limited to pictures and a 3D tour. A professional Video Tour is an amazing way to let a buyer sit back and enjoy a journey through your home that will highlight all the features you have come to love in your time living there. It’s like getting your own 2-3 min commercial for your home. We provide this service in house along with high quality post editing at no additional cost



3D Tours – Affluent buyers expect the ability to view the home at a distance. A professional 3D tour is the most effective way to help them immerse themselves in their next home. It’s the modern, technology-forward way to share the features of the home, the benefits of living in this high-end residence. We provide this service in house at no additional cost

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Floor Plans – The data shows that a majority of buyers are more likely to spend time looking at a listing with a floor plan compared to one without. We increase buyer interest by including a floor plan in all property marketing materials, including our automated Design Center brochures.




Print Materials – As a highly valued client, your Casan listing will utilize premier designs for brochures, postcards, and social media posts that are bound to impress. These pieces are automatically created for your Casan listing and there is a requirement for your agent to print them professionally in full color at no additional cost to you.




LUXVT – A global advertising package like no other, LUXVT features your Casan listing in top-tier media outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Robb Report, Mansion Global, and duPont REGISTRY. High-end video tours, international ads, and weekly activity reports are just a few of the additional perks of this Casan listing requirement. We provide this service at no additional cost to you.

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Studeo – We capture and retain the attention of affluent buyers with an immersive, sensory experience. With Studeo, we can showcase your luxury residence through dynamic visuals, picture carousels, animations, and more. An included NextHome benefit, your Casan listing will receive an automated storybook.


Our commitment to elevating the highly specialized sale of luxury homes translates to the Casan Collection being available only to NextHome members who have completed a thorough training and certification course through the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing. As a Casan Certified professional, you’ve experienced firsthand the Institute’s deep understanding of the affluent clientele that makes up the top 10% of your market. Now that you have completed their training program, you have successfully unlocked the Casan Collection visual identity and marketing suite for you and your refined clients.



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Gaining the trust of our refined clientele comes with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Every Casan Certified agent and every home in the collection observes high marketing standards that are strictly monitored, giving your home a formula for success in advertising these high-end residences.

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