Have you heard this quote “80% of new agents leave the industry in the 1st year”? Or how about this one “only 20% of the agents do 80% of the production in a company”?I don’t believe it has to be that way. Real estate is more than specific slices on a market pie chart. It’s about the relationships we build both in and out of the office. I believe with the proper training and support both of the numbers in those quotes can be changed.


Although, in Real Estate we work individually to build our own businesses, we also are able to choose the organizations we want to work in where a positive office culture and the unity of teamwork is priority. Then when we find that company we are expecting the support and training to be provided to help us reach the success goals that we have. As a broker I know and understand that and have chosen to make that my number 1 priority!!


At NextHome Price Point Realty we have created a fun and energetic office environment were everyone is a part of something great. As a non competing broker I will always be here for our agents. I believe that a career in real estate can be fun and rewarding, a lifestyle we can all enjoy together.

Office synergy is a must and the only way to obtain this is to literally tear down the walls between the people that use it. As part of our philosophy we include others in training situations, share strategies and skills that can help each other be better for our clients, help each other problem solve, and grow together as well as individually.